How to Make Anime

Making anime is not easy. It’s a process of building and describing the world, finding motivation, and knitting a full story! However, this activity is also great for practicing creativity. If you are passionate about anime, you will have a lot of fun creating your Unique anime characters.

Find the location of the story to be created
Does the story take place on an alien planet? Is that place like the earth? You don’t need to specify all the details of the world that will be created, but make sure the location of the story will take place. For example, you might want most of the story to take place in a world where most people live in caves because in the outside world there are lots of dangerous slime holes (jelly-like magical creatures that are common in fantasy stories) that take a lot of casualties.

Find out what’s interesting about the world you made. Anime often has a part of the world that is magical and strange. Maybe in that world, the piano can talk and advise humans. There are probably many flying animals that humans use for traveling. You don’t have to come up with something overly fantasy or science fiction. Choose something that fits your world and your story.

Determine the appearance and personality of the character. It is best if the appearance and personality of the characters are determined together. Try to describe the character and then write down their personality traits next to the picture. Maybe your character is very smart and perceptive but easily irritated. There may be characters who are very loyal but hate strangers. Sketch your characters.

Determine the main character of the story. You don’t have to have only one main character, but it’s best to provide someone to support your readers. Usually, an anime has at least one main character.

Determine each character’s motivation. Other characters can contribute to your character’s motivation, but look for the unique things that move them. For example, the main character wants to get knowledge or a lover, or it could be something that the main character has a strong desire.

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