You Can Do These Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Hats

Hats make guys look even cooler. However, because it is only an additional fashion item, sometimes hats are not worn often and are not frequently washed. However, so that the hat always looks fresh and durable, then you still have to take care of it. Caring for it can not be arbitrary. The reason is, hats have a more complex material than ordinary clothes such as shirts or pants. So don’t get it wrong and damage your hat while caring for it or washing it. Additionally, if you love to have a unique piece of dad hat, we suggest you order a custom dad hat.

In order not to take care of your hats badly, let’s read some easy ways to care for them:

If stained with mud, immediately clean it without waiting for a long time

Hats are rarely dirty if you wear them properly. However, it is not uncommon for hats to fall accidentally while wearing them. If it falls into the mud, then you need to take special care so that the mud stain doesn’t remain. Immediately clean your hat before the mud dries up. The trick is to simply apply laundry soap or dish soap to the mud stain. Brush gently with a toothbrush until clean, then rinse with clean water. However, if the mud stain has already dried, you can try soaking it in a detergent solution. After you have soaked it for about an hour, scrub your hat with a brush and soap.

Avoid washing using the washing machine

Types of hats like the snapback or trucker have a hard hat. That’s why avoid washing your hat in the washing machine. If washing using a washing machine, the hard part of the hat will collide with the spin on the washing machine. So, it can damage your favorite hat. The most appropriate way to wash it is by doing it manually, which is washing by hand.

Pay attention to this when storing the hat

When not in use, you also need to pay attention to where the hat is stored. Avoid storing hats together with clothes in the wardrobe. This is because the hat can be crushed and deformed. Instead, keep the hat in a special hat hanger. Let your hat get in the air, to keep it from getting damp.

These Are Wrong Ways To Lose Weight

Our bodies need a variety of nutrients, each of which has a role in maintaining health and weight balance, especially the calories needed as a source of energy and replacement of damaged cells. The wrong diet for weight loss is to reduce intake so much that the nutrients for the body are not fulfilled. Additionally, you also need to choose your weight loss supplement carefully to avoid bad side effects, so we suggest you check out nutravesta proven pills.

Here are some methods to regulate eating patterns that are not good for your health and you should not do:

Eat only a little

Although the main goal is to reduce calorie intake by reducing food consumption, this method is often misinterpreted by not consuming any calories or other nutrients that are considered to increase body weight. Bodyweight may drop quickly, but the person will end up with lower muscle mass and more body fat tissue. Even during adulthood or old age will be more at risk of diabetes mellitus.

Cleanse eating patterns

This is one method that is popular in several countries. Cleanse that is meant here is cleaning the body by eating only certain foods. This diet is not healthy because someone only eats one type of food or drink, one example is only drinking lemon juice. Weight loss is certain, but the body will lack a lot of nutrients if done in a few days, even weeks. Side effects are constipation and headaches due to lack of intake.


The essence of this method is to re-issue food and/or speed up the digestive system to excrete food with the abuse of laxatives. This method is not much different from the way people with bulimia re-issue food, but it does not begin with the desire for excess food (binge eating). This method is done consciously to reduce intake without thinking about the impact on the body.

Consumption of drugs and cigarettes

Done with the misuse of certain drugs (legal or illegal) and smoking to suppress the desire to eat so that the amount of food eaten becomes less. The use of drugs, such as cocaine and diabetes drugs for weight loss, can cause dependence and risk of organ damage because it is used without doctor’s supervision. While nicotine can suppress appetite but your health will be damaged.

5 Tricks To Lose Weight In Your 30s

Getting the ideal body is everyone’s desire and no matter how common you are. Although losing weight in your 30s is more challenging than ten years ago, there’s no need to worry. You can use leptoconnect to speed up your weight. Five special tricks have been prepared for your diet program. Consider the following tips.

1. Calculate the calories you need every day
Remember that at this age your metabolism has slowed down, so you don’t need as many calorie intakes as you used to. So, pay close attention to the nutritional content of the food you consume daily. So you can lose weight fast, make sure you don’t eat more than your daily nutritional needs.

2. Do not carelessly choose a diet method
In their 30s, the body will find it more difficult to adapt to changes. So, don’t try different types of diets that are limited to “people say”. For example, limiting eating only once a day. A diet like this makes your metabolic system confused with these changes. You better increase the frequency of meals in a day but reduce the portions.

3. Prioritize a healthy lifestyle

Plan your lifestyle changes carefully. Starting from choosing only healthy foods, stopping smoking, controlling alcohol drinking habits, reducing staying up late, to taking the time to exercise. You can start slowly because of course, you have to adjust these new lifestyle changes to the bustle in the office and at home.

4. Seek support from friends and family
Support from friends and family is very important for men and women in their 30s when losing weight. The reason is, in this age range most men and women tend to enjoy unhealthy lifestyles. For example, often eat but rarely exercise. You are drifting.

Not that you have to stay away from friends whose lifestyles are not healthy. Instead, invite relatives to lose weight together. You also become more enthusiastic dieting and easier to control yourself when hanging out with other people.

5. Manage stress
In your 30s, you are prone to stress. Whether it’s because of work or household problems. Unwittingly, stress can affect your diet and weight. So, you must be good at managing stress so that the outlet is not in the form of eating or excessive snacking. If you already feel symptoms of stress, immediately healthily calm yourself. You can exercise, pamper yourself to the salon, or use aromatherapy from essential oils.