Can Peyronie Disease Increase the Risk of Cancer?

A healthy penis is not only judged by how well it performs in sex, but also by its daily function. One of the early indicators of a problem with the penis can be seen from the sensitivity, size, and condition of the erection. Some men may have a curved penis, which is a penis that curves sideways, up, or down when in a normal position. However, can this condition be corrected so that the penis is straight as usual?

Find out the answer below. Peyronie’s disease is a sexually transmitted disease that causes the penis to become curved. The new study found a link between Peyronie’s disease and an increased risk of cancer. Does your penis curl when erect? A curved penis is often the result of Peyronie’s disease. This disease is not a venereal disease, is not contagious, and is not a malignant disease (cancer). Then, what exactly is Peyronie’s disease? You can get more info on our website.

Peyronie’s disease is a disease that causes the penis to become curved when erect. An estimated 1 in 16 men suffer from Peyronie’s disease, and it is more common in men aged 40-60 years. Experts believe that the figure is much smaller than it should be because many cases go undetected as a result of sufferers who are reluctant to seek treatment.

This plaque is found between the skin and shaft of the penis. Inflammation that occurs continuously causes the plaque to become hardened and inelastic so that the affected part of the penis cannot extend like the other parts of the penis. Until finally causing the penis to look crooked when erect. A curved penis can cause pain and difficulty penetrating during intercourse.

So far, there are not many valid data about Peyronie’s disease so that the medical world’s understanding of this disease and its treatment has not developed much. Treatment of Peyronie’s disease is mostly aimed at maintaining penile function in the context of sexual intercourse.

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